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Building worlds I want to live in

Everyone wants to change the world. Make things better, solve our problems, live happily ever after. Me? I design things which work.

I believe in design that is easy to use, universally accessible, effective, and practical. This philosophy is part of everything I design — from websites to games and more.

Who is this girl?

Art by Mew.

Hi, I'm Katherine. I love writing, design and games. I'm a front-end dev and user experience architect bouncing around between Oxford and Birmingham, UK.

For my sins I have an insatiable drive to create, more books than any one person should reasonably own, and a Minecraft habit that I just can't seem to kick.

Read my Curriculum Vitae.

Popular Stuff

D&D 5E Encounter Calculator

The Encounter Calculator is a tool for working out the difficulty of a given encounter, or calculating an appropriate challenge for your party.

It is based on the D&D DM Basic Rules, available for free on the Wizards of the Coast website. These happen to be the same rules that are used in the Dungeon Master's Guide.


I built a browser based idle/incrementer game, drawing inspiration from Cookie Clicker and Civilization, as a way to do something creative and improve my knowledge of Javascript.

You can play CivClicker here. It was my first web game (please excuse the UI), but was surprisingly successful and became one of the seminal games in the "incremental games" genre. You can read a postmortem here.

Split Test Calculator

I've built a simple split-test calculator for testing PPC ads, though it can be used for any test that involves measuring responses from two candidates.

The calculator is based on Jim Ryan's page on the Chi-Square statistic.