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Chaos Theory

Entry for the 2016 200 Word RPG Challenge.

Welcome to the reality police, recruit! Your job is to solve crimes against time and space.

You're here because there's something special about you. Maybe you're strong, or a brilliant scientist. Make sure your team knows what you're good at before you go on mission.

You'll be issued with a Dimensional Sextant. Use it to navigate time and space to track down reality criminals. Our veterans call them Dee-Sixes or d6 for short.

Need to travel in time, or teleport across space? Use your d6. The time stream's a bit hazy though; you won't always end up where you wanted. Your d6 will rate the result, from 1-6 (hence the name). It goes from 6 (perfect, exactly what you wanted) to 1 (a disaster, somewhere or somewhen completely different), and everything in between.

Your d6s will help you resolve other conflicts too, like fighting a reality criminal. Whoever gets the better result wins - if you're doing something you're good at, you can usually try again if you lose.

Just make sure you don't create paradoxes! Reality will rewrite itself to compensate, and if you screw up badly enough you or your team could be erased from existence!