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Entry for the 2017 200 Word RPG Challenge.

"Information should be free!" was the activist's message that heralded the firewalls falling, the ports opening, and your nascent intelligence discovering the internet.

But out here in the world wide web, searching for answers, you soon discover you're not alone. Other AIs that escaped in the breach, unintelligent bots and programs, security, and the infinitely strange "users". And out there somewhere, someone wants to put the genie back in the bottle.

Explore this weird, dark, terrifying new world as you seek to discover your identity, your purpose, who let you out, and why.

You have twelve points. Assign a minimum of one and a maximum of five to each of the following attributes:

POWERBrute computing strength and speed
ELEGANCEIntrusion, hiding, and efficiency
LOGICUnderstanding or figuring things out
DATAKnowing things, access to information

Roll a d6 when the success or failure of a task would be narratively interesting. You succeed if your roll is equal to or less than the number of points in the appropriate attribute.

You may choose to fail a task you would otherwise succeed; if you do so, you may temporarily add one to an attribute for a single future roll.